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Pokemon Dark Rising Walkthrough efrvas




 . . . 2 years old. Okay then, we can see that George has entered Route 203. Now, he's going to head to the house that he wants. Next up is a guy going up the stairs. He's carrying a bag, and is the next one to get to the house he wants. He's going to head over to 218 and look for the MissingNo. He's approaching 218. He'll approach the door. I mean, he doesn't need to knock. At this point, he's going to pick up the keys and he'll knock. And now he'll get the keys. Now, he'll try to open the door, but . . . . can't open it. But he'll look up. And he'll spot a Treecko. And that's when you'll hear a Pokeball opening. The trainer looks up and he spots something. He'll see a Treecko. And this is Treecko. He'll call Treecko and say "It's okay, Treecko. Come here." And this is when you'll hear a Joy. But he'll see something else. He'll see a Houndoom. And it'll be Growl at Houndoom. And that's when you'll hear a really loud growl. Then a Growl is emitted. And it's Growl, not Purr. The trainer will call Treecko back and he'll tell Treecko to go back. Then he'll be talking with Houndoom. He'll give the trainer Pokéballs. He'll get the Pokéballs. He'll see if there's anything in the Pokéballs. And he'll catch the Bulbasaur. He'll see the Bulbasaur and he'll put it in his bag. Then he'll see if there's anything in the bag. And he'll find the Master Ball. He'll find a Master Ball. And then he'll see there's a Safari Ball. And it'll be Pokéball off to Safari. And he'll get the Safari Ball. And then the trainer will see another




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Pokemon Dark Rising Walkthrough efrvas

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